Hydrogeology Inc. specializes in hydrogeologic studies, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, karst geology. Our company has over sixty years of research and consulting experience in these areas and have conducted and presented research both nationally and internationally.

Primary Services


Karst is a landform that consists of a combination of high rock solubility and well-developed secondary permeability. The dissolution of bedrock results in surface features, such as sinkholes, and subsurface features, like caves. Groundwater flow is usually manifested by internal drainage along enlarged passageways (caves and conduits) in the subsurface rock. Karst terrains are typically limestone but also include dolomite and evaporites. Karst terrains present unique problems in environmental studies. Hydrogeology Inc. provides expertise in karst field, GIS, and laboratory analysis. This includes karst feature mapping, using Hydrogeology Inc.'s Karst Mapper GIS application, dye tracing tests, drainage area determination, and geochemical analysis.

Dye Tracing

Dye tracing is an extremely useful tool in determining groundwater flowpaths. Hydrogeology Inc. is a full service dye tracing firm.

These services include:

All dye trace samples are analyzed with our in-house Shimadzu RF-5301 PC Spectrofluorophotometer, which allows for highly accurate and efficient dye trace sampling analysis.